What are the advantages of water transportation?

The so-called waterway transportation actually refers to a transportation method that uses ships, rafts and other floating vehicles to transport passengers and goods through various waterways. It is very common in this era of advanced freight transportation, so why do so many people Choose water transportation? What are its advantages? Let the editor of China Shipping Management Service introduce to you.

① Water transportation mainly uses the "natural waterways" of rivers, lakes, and oceans, and the navigation capacity is almost unlimited. ②The investment is low, the construction and maintenance cost is low, and it can be navigable only by establishing some berthing docks and loading and unloading equipment.

③With large volume and low cost, it is very suitable for the transportation of bulk cargo. For example, the large-scale pusher fleet on the Yangtze River in my country has a cargo capacity of 30,000 tons, which is equivalent to 10 trains.

④The labor productivity is high, and the labor demand is small. This is mainly due to the large shipping volume of ships, and the labor demand is not in proportion to the increase in shipping volume.

⑤The operation is sustainable, and ocean transportation is the main mode of transportation for long-distance trade between countries.

The above is all the content summarized by the editor of China Shipping Management Service. Now the waterway transportation has developed very mature. If you have goods that need to be transported, you can also choose to use waterway transportation for freight.

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