What to pay attention to when assembling export goods by sea

When many goods are exported by sea, it is possible to encounter the situation that the goods cannot fill the entire cabinet. When encountering this situation, the company in charge of the cargo will often suggest that we send it as LCL. However, there are still differences between LCL cargo and general transportation. There are many things that need our attention. Next, the editor will introduce you to the matters to be noted when consolidating export goods by sea.

1. What should be paid attention to for LCL export goods:

1. Generally, LCL cargo cannot accept the designation of a specific shipping company. Shipping companies only accept bookings for FCL cargo, and not directly accept bookings for LCL cargo. Only after the LCL cargo is consolidated through a freight forwarder can the ship be shipped For the company’s booking, almost all LCL cargoes are transported through the "centralized handling and centralized distribution" of freight forwarding companies.

2. The billing tons of LCL cargo shall be accurate. Before LCL delivery, the factory should be required to measure the weight and size of the goods as accurately as possible. When the goods are delivered to the warehouse designated by the freight forwarder, the warehouse will generally re-measure, and the re-measured size and weight will be charged. standard.

3. In some ports, due to insufficient supply of LCL goods and high cost, freight forwarding companies specializing in LCL charge low fees for goods with small volumes.

2. What should be paid attention to during LCL export operations:

The purpose is to control the links that affect the quality during the operation process to ensure that the export LCL operations can meet customer requirements.

The scope is applicable to the control of the operation process of export LCL goods in the depot.

Responsibilities, responsible for the control of the inspection, packing, tally, and sealing operations of export consolidation.

The above is all the content of the editor's summary. In fact, there are many cases of using assembled export when shipping. If you want to get the goods to be transported smoothly, you should do a good job of understanding before shipping the goods, and according to your own goods In reality, choose a more suitable shipping method.

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