How to choose containers according to different goods

There are many ways of freight transportation between various places, including sea, air and land. When shipping goods at sea, containers are indispensable tools for holding goods, but did you know that there are many types of containers, so how should you choose a container according to the difference of goods? Next, I will introduce to you.

(1) Clean cargo and dirty cargo: general cargo container, ventilated container, open top container, refrigerated container can be selected;

(2) Valuable goods and fragile goods: general cargo containers can be used;

(3) Refrigerated goods and perishable goods: refrigerated containers, ventilated containers, and insulated containers can be selected;

(4) Bulk cargo: Bulk cargo container, tank container can be selected;

(5) Animals and plants: choose livestock (animal) containers, ventilated containers;

(6) Bulk cargo: choose open top container, frame container, platform container;

(7) Dangerous goods: general cargo containers, frame containers, and refrigerated containers can be selected.

The above is all the content introduced by the editor. The nature and purpose of each type of cargo are different. When transporting, the types of containers to be selected and related precautions are different. I hope everyone will do a good job of understanding in peacetime so that the goods can be transported reasonably.

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