What types of dry cargo ships are there

Ships are an indispensable means of transportation in the transportation of goods by sea. Of course, there are many different types of ships. The most common one is dry cargo ships. Dry cargo ships mainly transport dry cargo and can also transport liquid cargo in barrels. cargo ship. Some people may have such questions, why can dry cargo ships carry liquid cargo? In fact, dry cargo ships are also divided into many types, and different dry cargo ships transport different goods. Let's take a look with the editor.

① General cargo ship

Also known as a unified cargo ship. It is a dry cargo ship that mainly carries bulk cargo such as bales, bundles, and barrels, and can also carry some bulk cargo.

②Bulk carrier

Bulk cargo ships are dry cargo ships that specialize in transporting bulk cargo. It mainly transports bulk cargo such as grains, ore, coal, cement, and fertilizers. Most of these ships are single-deck, stern-type ships with large openings and generally do not have lifting equipment (relying on special lifting equipment at the bulk carrier terminal), and usually have topside tanks.

③Timber ship

Timber ships are dry cargo ships dedicated to transporting logs and timber. Its ship type is similar to that of a bulk carrier and can carry cargo on deck, so pillar guardrails are provided on both sides of the deck.

④Refrigerated ship

The refrigerated ship is a dry cargo ship that specializes in transporting fresh and perishable goods such as fish, meat, fruits and vegetables that require preservation.

⑤Container ship

A container ship is a cargo ship that transports cargo containers. Load the goods into the container in advance, and then load the container on the ship. The advantage of this mode of transportation is high loading and unloading efficiency, which can reduce cargo damage and poor cargo.

⑥Ro-Ro Ship

Ro-ro ship is a cargo ship that carries cargo vehicles or loads and unloads containers in a horizontal direction in a rolling manner. When loading and unloading, there are springboards on the bow, stern or side of the ship, and cars or trailers can be opened up and down through the springboard to realize cargo loading and unloading.

⑦ Carrying barge

A barge is a ship dedicated to cargo barge. Also known as the mother ship. First load the cargo in a small barge of the same specification, then load the small barge into the mother ship for transportation, and unload the barge after arriving at the port.

⑧ Semi-submersible boat

Semi-submersible ships, also called semi-submersible mother ships, are specialized in transporting large offshore oil drilling platforms, large ships, submarines, and gantry cranes.

The above is all the content summarized by the editor. Do you now have a better understanding of dry cargo ships? Before carrying out cargo transportation by sea, everyone should understand the type of ship that each different cargo should use so that the cargo can be transported quickly.

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