How to properly dock small ships

Ships are now a very important means of transportation. Of course, many goods are also transported by ships. In transportation, according to the transportation requirements and the size of the goods, different sizes of ships need to be used. However, in recent years, Occasionally, accidents and dangers of small ships during mooring also occur. So how can we prevent these risks? Next, let the editor introduce it to everyone.

Risk 1: When the tide is high, the ship gets stuck at the dock

Small ships, especially under heavy loads, are likely to be at the lower edge of the dock at low tide. At this time, if the watch is not in place and the ship's position is not adjusted in time according to the change of tide level, it is likely to be stuck under the dock, causing the ship to tilt sideways and sink in water.

Risk 2: When the tide is low, the ship is put on hold

At high tide, the ship was in a high position and the crew did not strengthen the watch. When the tide starts to recede, the ship is at risk of shelving.

Risk 3: When the tide rises and falls, the ship rope breaks

During mooring, the crew on duty should pay attention to the force of the mooring line, otherwise there will be a risk of the line breaking and the ship capsizing.

Risk 4: Fire accident

It is now in winter, and the night is the peak period of ship electricity consumption. There are many flammable items in the living area of the ship, and there is a great fire risk.

Risk 5: accidentally falling into the water

During off-string operations in winter, ship decks are prone to ice and slip. Crew members are prone to slipping under their feet when exiting the cabin, and there is a risk of personnel falling into the water.

The above is all the content shared by the editor. In our lives, there are many different means of transportation. Marine transportation mainly relies on ships, so it is very important to prevent danger from happening. I hope that the seafarers will do a good job of docking during the voyage of the ship.

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