How to deal with garbage on ships

All kinds of garbage and waste products are generated in our lives. We will sort them and throw them into the trash bins for unified disposal. However, because the ship has less time to contact with the land, the garbage disposal is also It has become a point of concern for everyone. Do you know how the garbage on the ship is handled? Let the editor introduce to you.

1. Disposal

Received by a qualified ship pollutant receiving unit. The pollutant receiving document must be signed and confirmed by both parties and kept for at least 2 years. The pollutant receiving document shall indicate the name of the operating unit, the names of both parties to the operation, the time and place of the start and end of the operation, and the type and quantity of garbage.

2. Incineration

For ships equipped with incinerators, the record after each incineration must include the date, time, ship position (longitude and latitude of the ship) at the start and end of the incineration, classification of the garbage to be incinerated, and the estimated amount of garbage for each type of incineration (in cubic meters). meter).

3. Smashing emissions

Discharge food waste that has been processed by a grinder or grinder at a distance of no less than 3 nautical miles from the land. The crushed or ground food waste must be able to pass through a coarse sieve with an opening of no more than 25 mm. Food waste that has not been crushed or ground is discharged at least 12 nautical miles away from nearby land.

The above is all the content summarized by the editor. Now everyone has a better understanding of garbage disposal? But it should be noted that before garbage disposal, garbage classification must be done to avoid environmental pollution.

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