Provide fast and professional one-stop service
Supply of a complete set of materials for ships, complete domestic and foreign equipment for newbuildings, port material supply, on-site equipment for dock repairs, and emergency supply at global ports. Standard supplies for the deck, engine room, management, electrical, safety and other departments: tableware and kitchenware, hardware tools, safety labor protection, fire protection, lifesaving, electronic appliances, navigation equipment and books, valve fittings, gasket materials; gas chemical services; general guidance Equipment, paint oil.
Spare Parts & Transfer
Supply scope: main engine, auxiliary engine, motor, supercharger, deck crane, grab, air compressor, windlass, auxiliary blower, hatch cover, pump, gangway and winch, boiler, life-saving equipment, incinerator, Steering gear, water generator, polymer rudder bushing, oil-water separator, valve, domestic sewage treatment device, anti-sea creature/impressed current cathodic protection/anti-fouling/shaft grounding, 15ppm alarm unit, fire probe, oil separator, Dabo ship water inlet alarm, refrigeration and air conditioning, electrical and automation, heat exchangers, fuel injector test benches, kitchen equipment, expansion joints, hydraulic hoses, chemical hoses, etc.
Import And Export Business
Asia: South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia
Europe: Spain, Dubai, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Dubai, Fujairah. Istanbul, Egypt, Rotterdam
Americas: Canada, United States, Mexico, Panama, Chile
Africa: Togo, Gabonese Republic, South Africa, Guinea
Logistics & Transportation
Cost reduction and control, on-time delivery, comprehensive control of the transportation process, effective communication and timely feedback.
The scope of services includes international spare parts customs clearance and transshipment. One-stop logistics services including warehousing, transportation, and delivery on board.
Scope of supply: fruits and vegetables, premium seafood, frozen food, dry food, cigarettes and wine, dairy products, eggs, etc.
Cruise Ship Supply
Scope of supply: food and beverages/hotel supplies/ship materials/ship fire inspection/ship spare parts and accessories/warehouse logistics services/customized services.
Shipping Agency
Ship entering and leaving the port and necessary procedures, documents, spare parts clearance and delivery/crew exchange and crew medical/crew reserve delivery/ship owner’s representative and mechanical transfer and embarkation procedures/ship related inspection arrangements/one customs and three inspection procedures Handling/arranging accommodation and vehicles/providing logistics services/providing professional agency services in shipyards and terminals.
Emerald Marine Services Limited
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NANTONG Office: 288 Yong Fu Road, Gangzha District, 216002 Nan Tong City, Jiangsu Province, PRC.
TEL: +86 513 83500299
LIANYUNGANG Office: 1 Dong Fang Road, #B3-3, 222000 Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, PRC.
TEL: +86 518 82306916
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